Sunday, August 9, 2009

“YOU hypnotize me!!!”

few days ago Met a man born in 1971 for a ba zhi consultation. A very charismatic chap working as a marketing consultant.

He is a Tian fu xing person , so i hv expected him to be a money sensertive and full of pride person. By right , such a person will not be intrested in knowing ba zhi..but he seems to be very eager to meet me…
as usual i met him at my favourite Mac…from his eyes i can see sadness and when i shake his hand i feel a very stale energy, so i believe 1 of his family member must hv jus pass away…n true enough after a small chat he reveal that his dad jus pass away 3 days ago…

I asked him for the reason he wanted to see ba zhi but he jus casually said that its for fun…so as usual i started my destiny analysis introduction….

as i hv expected, he gave me a nonchalant attitude…its only till I touch the karma part..he started to show some intrest….I breifly told him what i hv in my vision…and he keep asking….

he told me actually b4 me he had already consulted 4 others and they all said the same thing abt his previous life…all advise him to move away from his parents when he reach 35….but he refused to believe..n now he is guilty of his father death..

He was a person who take away many lives in his previous life, there are alot of ye qi carried in him…he is destined to ke fu ke mu ke xiong ke di ke qi ke zi ke nu…his liu qing yuan is super bad…

he wants me to prove my stand….i brought him to my house….i played my mantra CD and ask him to lied dwn on the floor…i inject my ling ci li to induce his ling…his body start to shake violently…and he start to yell…my parents were shock and dash into my room….i quickly signal them to leave the room….

the yelling last for 20mins ….then i woke him up…he burst out in tears…and start to grab my shoulder and keep shouting at me , said i hypnotize him and gave him false images…he was in great depression….
He took quite awhile to calm dwn…he asked me a shocking Qn,.should he kill himself to atone his sin.. so that his mom and his wife will not be affected..

it took me alot of effort to ease him and talk him round to follow my advise of xiu xing…
well.. tis 1 is really one of my headache cases…to make a guilty person to continue facing life positively is really tough….

this case do affect me alot…karmic debtors, they r soo well coordinated………..they can attack us through our siblings and loves 1…also through emotions and mentality…

i hv no confidence at all ….i can only try my best..haiz…im still a ling trap in a body after all………..

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