Sunday, August 9, 2009

Being Con Again……..

recieve a call from my indonesia customer, CK in the afternoon..he sounds urgent i ask hin isit becos of business as …i tot its like normal time..whenever he came to sg, he will consult me regarding his business..he say yes, so abt 8pm, i happily go to trader hotel to meet him…

when he open the door, i sense something not rite! how come there is a smell of ling jie …and my left hand was shaking like mad….

i ask him is it his wife, he nod his head..

i came into the room, his wife was tied up lying on the bed moaning, Sam , CK bodyguard , stand nex to the bed…

he told me His mdm when past a river on saturday and that nite she keep crying, moaning and keep using her right hand to hit the wall…totally not behave like herself

as i came unprepared…i was like walao…jia lat liao…
i sit dwn on the floor, i ask sam to untie her ….

start summoning zhen qi and at the same time i chant Chinnabunchorn, mdm start to cry and vomit, she from bed roll dwn to floor, after i filled liao, i went over to mdm, sam help me to straighten her, i ask her wat she want in english..but she answer me in malayu,CK who is hiding in the toilet , walk to me n translate …
the spirit was a 16 yr old ger, she was rob and killed, the robber hv chop off her right hand and she was dead for 10 yrs.

i ask ck to ask her wat she want,she reply she want a home and mdm right hand.
i was really puzzle want mdm hand for wat, i ask ck to reply for me , for the nex abt 20 mins terms was still not settle , i decide not to talk anymore, i project my energy at her and start chanting liao..mdm scream and keep hitting her head at the wall, sam tried to get hold of her, but cant hold well, nex she start biting her tongue liao.. i quickly stop,

she talk again, ck said she is willing to stop if they willing to put up her at their hm, she jus want a home while waiting for the time..she dun want to wander any more. i ask ck…and tried very hard to convince ck its a best soultion and i promise him, he will hv no told her we agreed ,she nodded her head and give a very cold smile and fall flat on ground.

mdm was unconcious liao, i told ck she will b fine.

i teach ck and sam wat to do when they go bk…ck still very worry, i explain to him that its jus like a sword , can attack n can defend…if he do according to wat he promise , she will do wat she promise as well….i also teach ck a mantra to b recite to the spirit everyday so as to help her to rebirth faster.

haiz….tot is jus a simple consultation appointment who knows it turns out to be soooo ma fan….again its proves my theory, customer cant be trusted………..

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