Sunday, August 9, 2009

Excuse Me…My House Got Guan Yin Ma Bo?

heehee, the above phrase is often ask by my client when i went to their place for fengshui viewing..
alot of us tot that hving a statue of a divine being at house will meant hving them at home… well..the ugly true that, its not true… Bodhisattva ,god , goddess etc etc..are just a force of divine energy, when we r praying we r not praying to the statue or the statue is alive looking at u…. when we r praying its our intention, or in a more “science ” way, our brain waves is reaching the divine energy… so dun hv to b too particular about hw n wat the statue look…

alot of ppl spent tons of money to chrome their statue n spend bombs on high ended statue…thinking it show hw sincere they r n hoping that they will recieve more blessing… the ugly truth is that, a person praying to a gold statue without TAO intention n a person with TAO intention praying to a piece of pic or jus even to the sky…the later will able to recieve n connect to the divine energy easier….. if every house hv guan yin statue n every statue hv so call guan yin present…wah..guess…goddess of mercy must be very busy….

i know of group of ppl..even more cute…. they pray to akind of myterious god…n they hv so call ritual with dripping wax on statue,n using the statue to do funny formation, saying by such will increase the “power” of the god….its really sooo cute..if a god need his devotors to do funny things on the statue to increase its energy…wah..the god also abit pathetic…

i gt a case where by a nice lady is soooooooo against praying to the goddes of mercy… the reason is that this lady was initially when young was very devoted to goddes of mercy…she will pray to her every morning when wake up, talk to her , and must pray to her b4 sleep…really supper devoted 1…but then 1 day ..her brother meet an accident and dead…from that day onwards.. she start to hv very negative feelings to goddes of mercy..she dun understand y she so devoted n she seek the goddes for her family protection everydayn y such tragedy still happen…???? Is she being betray by goddes of mercy?

i believe this is not an isolated case…many do hv such exp..when in trouble u pray to god for protection, but problem still dun solve…..hv our prayers being turn to deaf ears by the divine beings..???? well…hving the above really being unjust to the divine beings…. 1st..they hv never ask us to pray to them, its us out of our admiration to them n start praying to them….they r divine beings…they can still b around even without our prayers…they r not our house security guards or our insurance agents..

2nd..the real judge to our life is not the gods…its karma, that decide our life…karma is the real judge to our life….god n goddes are jus our defending lawyers… if u hv convicted crimes n wish to plead for a lighter sentences…u still need to provide our defending lawyerswith valid proof ( which is our merits) so he or she can fight for us…if we dun hv proof… there is nothing he can do…… there are so many n really tooooooooo many ppl with wrong ideal n knowledge passing dwns from parents to kids, kids to kids..around us…

if we can start to see things with more TAO, maybe..the misery of living will be much cushioned…..

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