Sunday, August 9, 2009

Some Cases 2

from last week till date…see quite a few fengshui and ba zhi…nothing special…
the 2 case worth mentioning is a house i view at Boon Lay dr ..

The owner Mr Tang was a Tan Lang person, had a divorce few yrs bk…now buy this flat living alone…the previous owner was a indian, i went up the house and was surprise to see the whole house full of mirrios and the bed room. was painted in total black…there was kind of sticking energy in the flat….i check the fengshui of the house, for a rating 1 to 10…the flat i rate 2 , cos its really damn jia lat…the door had a 5 yellow and the qian gong also had a 5 yellow…the NE sector aka gui meng had a window and jus outside it , there are 3 tree standing like 3 joss stick ….there is a special name for this kind of ge ju…gui meng xun meng ju…meaning that ppl living in such house will easily hv depression or spirits prossession…Mr Tang is a person ji earth and there r 2 shi ling in his ba zhi…if he jus live in the flat without doing anything, i can forsee that within 6 months…he will jus jump dwn..

I advise Mr Tang to leave the house vacant for 3 months after washing the whole house with vineger and paint the room with light blue…b4 moving in.
- get a 9m 7 colour string chant 1080 times of an tu di zhen yan , and tie it at the 3 tree.
- for such a house a special date must be chose to move in….it hv to b a po ri
- a 6 rod windchimes with 3 qi ling hv to b put up at the door area.
- only metal bed can be use.

My darkest hour in life so far till nw is the time i spent in army…at Jurong camp…8 yrs ago
That period is when i exp my unluckiest 5 yrs of luck…
I fall sick very often and was tekan like mad in camp…

I remember there was one time i was hving a high fever abt 40 degrees n that morning i was at the parade sq waiting to go medical center to report sick..I was shivering…then there was this camp mate Ang standing near me…passing alot of sarcastic remarks like sick chicken lah chao keng n all sort of BKLTL remarks…i was feeling horrible and plus the remarks i really buay tahan…n i use my last bit of strengh wanted to fought with him…luckily other camp mate stop in time b4 the sergernt came…after that incident, this Ang was like a ke xing in my army life…keep giving me problem…we were so you yuan till we landed up the same unit even after i manage to “escape” from the camp

However…this week…I actually start teaching him xiu xing…and we both seems like hving shi yi zheng…became close friend…

I actually forgot abt all the only strike me when i was observing him when he was initiating the zi fa gong…i was like..hey..this man was actually i hated so much …but how come im nw a mentor to him???This world is really 无常,as the hokkien saying goes “船头,船尾碰的到.” 凡事留一线,日后好想见.
Anyway..I guess..I must hv done alot of bad to him in past life….Its my duty/obligation to du him….will do my best…cos I want my “revenge” back kakakaka!!!

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